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May 2023 | Highlights from Haiti

By May 30, 2023May 31st, 2023No Comments

"Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say: Rejoice!" ~Philippians 4:4

We pray these updates will have you rejoicing with us! God is moving in the lives of individuals in Haiti and is using Children’s Hope in extraordinary ways to shine the hope of the Gospel brightly to those we encounter.

Haiti has seen more than its fair share of difficult days over the last two years, but God continues to use Children’s Hope in ever increasing ways. Our joy comes from seeing God work through our hands and feet and knowing lives are being changed daily.

You are a big part of that! We couldn’t do what we do without your faithful support and constant prayer. God has blessed us so richly. Together, we are impacting thousands of lives in the name of Jesus.

The stories below are just a few of the lives YOU have touched over the last few months. As the summer begins, we pray that these highlights bring you joy, guide your prayers, and fuel your passion for what God is doing through you in Haiti with Children’s Hope.

The CH Team

Changing Lives Through Sharing the Gospel

Easter Mission Trip

Last Month, Pastor Marc, along with Pastor Nicolas (two of our lead partner pastors), led a team on a mission trip to the mountain village of Seguin. They hosted nightly evangelistic crusades, showings of the Jesus film, prayer walks, pastor trainings, street evangelism, and food distributions. The Lord blessed EXCEEDINGLY!

51 people came to saving faith in Jesus! That number includes a voodoo priest and his entire family! It also includes a young man that met the team one morning as soon as they stepped out of their mission house to get their day started. He had waited all night to meet Jesus! The team was also able to distribute plates of food to 300 individuals and provide 80 families with enough rice to last them two weeks!

Your partnership makes a difference not only right now but also for all eternity! I can’t imagine a better investment than one whose return is forever! 51 souls that were lost in darkness now have a new home in The Light. You helped make that happen. Rejoice!

Serving Communities

Ministry to Incarcerated Women

Last update we shared about a new ministry pathway that the Lord has opened for us with incarcerated women. We have another exciting update regarding this ministry. Nathanael, our attorney and community liaison, was on hand at our first ministry event with these ladies. He heard their stories and got to know their situations. He discovered that some of these women had been in prison for years and had not yet stood before a judge.

After hearing their stories, he let us know some of their circumstances and felt confident that he could secure their release. For a little more than $100, Nathanael was able to obtain three women audience with a judge, explain their cases, and negotiate their freedom! Where there was despair, there is now joy! Where there was pain, there is now healing! Where there was captivity, there is now freedom!

These are the types of life-changing ministries God is using Children’s Hope to carry out. Your partnership allows you to be a part of what God is doing in setting the captive free: both spiritually and now physically! Rejoice!

Serving Communities

Senior Food Distribution

Twice a month, Children’s Hope continues to distribute rice and beans to the senior adults that live in our area. Most times we are able to provide food for about 120 individuals. This ministry does much more than provide food for the aging in our community. The benefit of our display of love for the seniors in our community through this ministry can not be overstated. The simple act of providing a sack of beans and rice twice a month to the elderly in our community has been used by God to provide countless open doors and good will for Children’s Hope. Time and time again, we have seen God give us favor in our community because of our care for these precious people through this ministry. Rejoice!

When we began, the cost of each of these distributions was $1200. Over the course of the last year the cost has risen by 50% and is now $1800 for each distribution. As you can see, the inflating costs mean that what used to provide three distributions now only allows two. Your partnership means more now than it ever has before. Rising costs have made everything more complicated to accomplish.

Thank you for your faithful support. You truly are changing and saving lives in Haiti in the name of Jesus on a daily basis.

Celebrating Haiti's Independence

Haitian Flag Day

On May 18, Haiti celebrated Flag Day. It is a celebration of Haiti’s Independence Day. It is a national holiday set aside to observe and celebrate Haiti’s freedom. In many ways it is similar to July 4th in the USA.

This day is full of singing, celebration, games, fun activities, and food. Below are some pictures of the Flag Day festivities on the campus of our children’s home.

Enjoy the smiles on these children’s faces. Your partnership is enabling them to enjoy special days like these, hope for a bright future, and to have the childhood every child deserves. Rejoice!

Recent Developments Haiti

The unrest and violence continues in Haiti at levels never before seen. Port-Au-Prince continues to be the hub of the action but the effects spread like roots across the entire country. Food and fuel costs continue to rise with no end in sight. Food insecurity is also on the rise as scarcity becomes an increasing problem.

The general populace has decided enough is enough and has begun to take matters into their own hands. While the shedding of the victim mentality is applaudable (Rejoice!), these actions bring other complications. Below is a link to an article that explains the current situation as it stands now.

Please pray. Pray for peace. Pray for protection. Pray for provision. Pray for resolution.

Read the Article

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Your prayers and support mean more to us than we could ever adequately convey. Together, we are genuinely changing and saving lives daily.

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