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Strengthening Families Through Medical Care

Imagine a life with little or no medical care available.

You injure your arm in a motorcycle accident- and it becomes a life-time, crippling injury because you couldn’t get the help you needed.  Your child who has suffered from seizures since birth never receives an EEG and the anti-seizure medication that would change his life.  Instead, he is not allowed in school and is constantly teased and shunned by the other kids. A simple infection, easily treated with antibiotics, goes untreated and results in the death of your wife.

This is the reality for many living in Haiti.

But- we’re changing that in our community!

We first opened our community medical/dental clinic in 2015.  We’re now serving over 5,000 community members and drastically improving the health of hundreds of families.

Our Medical Staff

We have an outstanding staff of Haitian physicians, nurses, a dentist, a lab technician, administrator, and support staff.

Our clinic is equipped with six treatment rooms, a pharmacy, and a modern laboratory.

Have a medical background?

Or interested in medical missions?

We utilize medical professionals from the U.S. to provide specialized training and services in our clinic and also mobilize multiple teams to do mobile medical clinics each year. Let’s connect!

Partner through Giving

You can partner with us in giving to keep the life-changing work of our clinic going.
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