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Many children in Haiti have no access to a quality education.

We don’t think that’s okay.

Often there is no school in their area at all. Or, there is a private school that is unaffordable to them. We are now seeing children given an opportunity to thrive and families strengthened through our seven schools in Haiti.


Bossier is one village in Haiti where we’re seeing a difference. Before our church school was started there, the nearest school was a two-hour walk. A handful of kids from the area had transportation to get there. Most had to just stay home.

Now, we have 118 children enrolled in school there. They now have hope for a better future through education. Each day they are able to learn from qualified teachers, proudly sport their school uniforms, eat a good lunch, and receive spiritual encouragement through a weekly chapel service and other biblical instruction. It’s amazing to see the difference.

Bossier Haiti School


Students receiving a quality education


Schools supported by Children's Hope

We currently have 3 schools we are supporting in the Jacmel, Haiti area

Our funding provides director and teacher salaries, as well as a daily lunch for each student. For many, it is their only full meal of the day. Besides over 600 students receiving a quality education, we’re also providing meaningful employment to more than 40 teachers and staff.

This only happens because people here who care and want to make a difference give to support this program.

You can partner with us in giving to keep helping children thrive and offering them hope through education.

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