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April – May 2022 | Highlights from Haiti

We pray that these updates find you joyful and well. It is hard to believe that very soon we will find ourselves halfway through 2022 already! As time continues to fly by, change is constant but your faithfulness to pray for and support us is such a blessing and encouragement. We could not be more grateful for our partnership together.

Having you on this journey of impacting and changing lives in the name of Jesus, further galvanizes our resolve during these difficult days in Haiti. Our Haitian team and precious children shine bright as they display the love and help that is only found in Jesus. Thank you for making all of this possible. We pray that these updates will help to encourage your heart and guide your prayers as we continue to make a difference in Haiti, one life at a time.

NOW more than ever

Summer Partnership Campaign

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see communication regarding our Summer Partnership Campaign. With the continued violence and increasing need in Haiti, our desire is to increase our partner base by expanding the opportunity for more folks to partner with us on an monthly basis.

Although the needs are great and the problems are complex, we feel that “Now More Than Ever” is the time for us to make a difference in Haiti. Together, we are and can continue to make an incredible impact in more and more lives.

Our goal is to see 300 new recurring partnerships at $30 /month by the end of the Summer. Will you help us reach our goal by sharing about our ministry with those in your circles (home, work, neighborhood, church)? $1 a day can make a world of difference.

Who do you know that needs to hear about Children’s Hope? Will you commit to sharing information about Children’s Hope with 3 people this Summer and helping us to reach our “Now More than Ever” Campaign goal?

You can reply to this email if you’d like more information to provide to those you know or you can direct them to our website, childrenshope.com

If you haven’t yet and would like to set up a recurring gift, you can click the button below.

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support. Your prayers, gifts, and encouragement mean more to us than we can ever express. Having you on this journey with us is such a blessing to us. Haiti is hurting and “Now More Than Ever” is the time for us to forge new partnerships so that we can expand the help and hope that we are providing in the name of Jesus together.

Click Here to Setup a Recurring Gift

Medical Clinic

One of our ministries that continues to thrive is our medical clinic. The notoriety of the expertise and compassionate care of our physicians is growing and spreading even as far away as Port Au Prince.

We are so grateful to God for all of these new patients to care for and souls to impact. Each individual receives personal counseling and prayer before even being seen by a doctor. We are devoted to caring for the whole person, physically and spiritually.

Join us in praying that God will continue to bless this important ministry.

Continued Social Unrest

Sadly, the violence and unrest surrounding Haiti’s capitol has only grown and expanded. Many are hurting and suffering immeasurably. The ripple effects of the unrest have reached every part of the country. Supply chains have been blocked, food and fuel are scarce, and inflation is crippling. The link below the image is to an article produced by the UN. It helps bring into focus the current situation in Haiti.

Your support is critical during this season. Your prayers bring God’s protection and provision and encouragement to our hearts. Your financial gifts allow us to continue our ongoing crucial ministries while also enabling us to help even more people. Together, we are sharing the love of Jesus and shining His hope into these difficult days while ministering to children, families, and communities.

Click Here to Read the UN Article

Kids at Play!

A few weeks ago, our staff had the opportunity to take some candid shots of our Children’s Home kids. Look at these precious faces! This is why we do what we do. You have helped rescue these very children from desperate situations and provide them with a loving home and bright futures. The world may just see kids at play but we see children who have been blessed with the opportunity to simply act like children. We see hope. We see love. We see promise. We see the investment that you made/are making in the next generation in Haiti.

Enjoy these pictures because you helped place the smiles on those faces!

Thank you for allowing Jesus to use you in the lives of children, families, and communities in Haiti. He’s using you more than you can comprehend. Thank you for your partnership. Let’s keep impacting lives in Haiti, together.