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You can change the life of a child in Haiti. Children’s Hope cares for more than 60 children at our children’s home in Haiti.

These are all children from hard places or difficult situations. At Children’s Hope, they are secure, they are loved, and they have the opportunity to thrive. They are taught God’s great love for them and that God has a good plan for their life.

The monthly giving of our child sponsors makes this all possible. As a child sponsor, you are matched with one of our children. You receive a sponsor card, photo updates, and a Christmas card each year.

Meeting the Needs of our Children

Your support as a sponsor helps us meet all of the needs of our children. It provides things like:

Safe & secure housing

Our kids live in six houses on our beautiful and secure campus.


Our cooks keep our kids well-fed and happy with three meals a day.

Medical Care

Our kids receive the best medical care around at our community clinic and a nearby private hospital.


All of our children attend a quality school, and our sponsors provide all they need for that.


Our boys and girls stay well-dressed with cute and comfortable clothing and shoes.

Caregiver Salaries

Our amazing staff of house moms love our children as their own and are the key to their success.

Fully Sponsored

A child is considered “fully sponsored” once they reach $425 in monthly support. This allows us to fully provide for their needs. Most of our children have multiple sponsors in order to fully provide for their care.

Partial sponsorships start at $25/month.

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Child Sponsorship FAQs

What does my child sponsorship provide?

Your sponsorship donation is combined with those of other sponsors to provide for the needs of all of the children in our care in Haiti, which in turn, directly impacts your sponsored child. Your donation provides things like safe and secure housing, three meals a day, medical care, education, clothing, and caregiver salaries. Your giving makes it possible for us to continue providing a home of light, hope, and love for a precious child who has been orphaned or abandoned. It changes their life!

How much is child sponsorship?

We do not have a set amount for sponsorship. Most sponsors give between $25 and $100/month – with a “full sponsorship” for a child considered to be $425/month. Most of our children have multiple sponsors in order to reach full sponsorship, although we do have some partners who are giving full sponsorships. Your monthly sponsorship of ANY AMOUNT is deeply appreciated and will help change the life of a child!

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How much of my donation is given directly to the child?

100% of sponsorship giving supports our children’s home program in Haiti and helps meet the financial needs there, ensuring the continued care of your sponsored child.

Why does it cost more to sponsor a child here than some other sponsorship programs?

As a residential children’s home in Haiti, Children’s Hope fully provides for the children placed under our care. While many great sponsorship programs allow you to help support certain critical needs for children, Children’s Hope is meeting 100% of the needs of the children under our care – housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, caregiver salaries, and more. We are also committed to holistic and excellent care of our children, and to ensure that, we maintain very low staff to child ratios. We realize that most cannot join us with a full sponsorship and a vast majority of our sponsors help us with a gift in the $25-$100/month range.

What happens with children that are not fully sponsored?

All of the children under our care receive the same holistic and excellent care. Children’s Hope is able to fill in the financial gaps for children not fully sponsored from general donations that come in, but our hope is for every child to eventually be 100% sponsored.

What can I expect to receive as a child sponsor?

As a child sponsor, you will receive an updated sponsor card each year with your child’s photo, an updated annual group photo, and a Christmas card. We are currently considering some additional possibilities to facilitate a deeper sense of connection.

Can I send Christmas and birthday gifts to my sponsored child?

At this time, we are unable to send Christmas and birthday gifts on your behalf to your sponsored child. It is logistically difficult for us to ship things regularly from the U.S. at this time, but we also are mindful of our children receiving equitable gifts and treatment. However – we do make sure that birthdays and Christmas are celebrated in special ways! On each child’s birthday, we provide a cake for them to share with their housemates. We also have a big Christmas party each year where all of our children receive special gifts appropriate to their age. It’s a highlight of their year! Your support makes it possible for us to provide the birthday cake and the Christmas party, and we have churches and other groups who give special donations to help cover the cost of the Christmas gifts for our staff and kids.

Can I write to my sponsored child, and are they able to write me back?

At this time, we are not able to facilitate communication back and forth with your sponsored child. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know! We do ask that you regularly pray for your sponsored child and know what a difference your giving and prayers are making in their life.

What if I ever need to change or cancel my sponsorship?

You can cancel or adjust the amount of your sponsorship at any time. You can contact us at info@childrens-hope.com and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you. If you are giving online, we can send you instructions on how to adjust your gift and payment info in our Donor Account Center.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Our sponsorship program allows you to continue supporting your child as long as they are under our care. For most of our children, this will be sometime between the age of 18-21 depending on their situation.

It is important to know that we always encourage family reunification when possible. With the help of Haitian Social Services, there may be times that we are able to reunify the children under our care with a relative or other caregiver. It brings us joy when we are able to reunite a child with family in a healthy environment. If your sponsored child leaves our care, we’ll let you know that and connect your support with a different child.

What if I have more questions about sponsorship?

Reach out to us anytime at info@childrens-hope.com and we’d love to answer your questions and connect further!

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