NOW more than ever

2021 has been an incredibly difficult year for Haiti

In July and August alone, President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated, a powerful earthquake brought devastation to the south, and Tropical Storm Grace immediately followed bringing flooding and destruction. Violence and social unrest have caused many to flee Port au Prince, and shortages of food, fuel, and supplies have put immeasurable strain on everyone. Fear of kidnapping has gripped neighborhoods, while gangs have risen to a dominant place of power.

Many children in Haiti are in desperate situations. Tragically, some end up orphaned or abandoned with no place to call home. Others have no access to education or medical care. They often are living in fear of evil spirits, having never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Many families are in crisis and struggling.  So many are feeling hopeless today, but….

TOGETHER, we are providing HOPE in Haiti!

Through the combined efforts of our supporters and our amazing Haitian led team on the ground, orphaned children now have a home.  Struggling families are being strengthened. The hungry are being fed.  Refugees are being given refuge.  Lives are being saved.  Eternities are being impacted as thousands have trusted Jesus as their Savior!

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Together, we are providing

help and hope

to thousands

With your partnership, Children’s Hope is providing a safe and secure home to 57 orphaned children in Haiti. We are strengthening families as we educate more than 650 children in our Christian schools and provide medical care to over 6000 community members each year through our clinic.

We are also partnering with local Haitian churches to provide homes to refugees, distribute food to the hungry, give supplies to those suffering from the destruction of natural disaster, meet the needs of the people in our community, train other local pastors, shine light into the darkness of local prisons, and share the Gospel.

Donate Today

Providing Refuge for Refugees

Together we have placed over 100 refugees in safe housing

Serving Earthquake Victims

Together we have served 100s effected by the earthquake


Orphaned Children In Our Care


Children In Our Schools


People Cared For In Our Clinic

You can join us in our mission to give hope TOGETHER in Haiti

Together, we will continue to be a haven for children with no other place to call home.
Together, we will continue strengthening families through medical care, education, and meeting basic needs.
Together, we will continue providing food for the hungry and hope for the hopeless.

It’s only possible to continue because people like you join us to care, pray, and give!

Will you change lives in Haiti with a gift today?

100% of your donation today will help children and families in Haiti. Our goal is to raise $300,000 by December 31st.
If you’re a current supporter of Children’s Hope, THANK YOU! Can you join us in giving again?
If you’re new to our ministry, we’d love to have you join our journey of hope! Will you make an investment in the lives of others in Haiti today?

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Together, we will

care for orphans bring healing to the sick find refuge for refugees provide an education give food to the hungry serve the widows